Mobile & CLOUD Technology

Mobile business intelligence

Captevo mobile BI solutions focus on excellent usability and a consistent experience that takes advantage of the unique features of mobile. Captevo solutions provide:

  • Rapid “IT-free” authoring
  • Consistent experience across devices
  • Touch-optimized controls and views
  • "Author once, consume anywhere" experience

Captevo views are uniquely optimized to provide touch experiences when accessed on any devise. This kind of touch awareness occurs automatically. There is no need for any special authorization or designing in order to make views and dashboards work automatically.

Features of mobile business intelligence from Captevo

Catalog browsing – This feature make it easy for the mobile user to trace and interact with appropriate information

iPad and iPhone features – A mobile user can easily pinch, tap or swipe to effectively interact with as well as assess the company data

Develop once and use anywhere – All of our business intelligence information is accessible for effective consumption on your mobiles

Intuition-to-action – Our business intelligence data will become actionable through offering the ability to raise in-context embedded actions from the mobile device.

Cloud business intelligence

Cloud computing has transformed the way organizations manage their business information as well as IT infrastructure. Captevo offers you a thorough set of enterprise cloud business intelligence solutions to deploy the data warehouse under a cloud environment. Cloud solutions developed by Captevo help the clients to spend much time for building the business and less time to maintain the business intelligence infrastructure.

We develop flexible and easy-to-use solutions that save your money and give high performance, security and scalability.

Advantages of Cloud BI solutions from Captevo

  • Cloud BI offers the customers with plenty of choices to choose the platform for each one of the area in BI. Captevo evaluates and recommends a suitable platform for each of those areas based on the needs and a long lasting insight of the data warehouse without compromising on the quality and performance of the solution
  • Data can be accessed through various sources such as marketing, sales, HR, finance and operating systems.
  • A dedicated data warehouse that will be custom built based on the client needs with around the clock uptime in cloud.
  • Reporting solutions can be easily collaborated and shared.
  • Goes deep into the data and recognize actionable trends through the innate drag and drop interface.

Captevo BI solutions in the Cloud

  • We design data models that are tailored to the client business needs
  • Transfer data from several data resources
  • Construct custom reports and dashboards
  • Demonstrate BI help desk support
  • Conservation and support of BI infrastructure